emily x meschke



I'm an undergrad studying Computational Neuroscience and Computer Science to 1) understand how we get mind from brain and 2) explore how to implement mind outside of brain.

My research interests include perception, face recognition, neuroimaging, and human-robot interaction.


  • image understanding lab

    I've been involved with the Image Understanding Lab since my first semester at USC!

  • interaction lab

    I joined the Interaction Lab Spring of 2018 and developed an interest in applying my background in psychology to HRI.

  • cats

    My first (and hopefully last) foster fails! Please direct all comments regarding their cuteness to emilyxmeschke@gmail.com

get in touch

Feel free to reach out! This fall, I am applying to pursue a PhD in some form of applied Cognitive Neuroscience, in hopes of developing cognitive models for real-world applications.